Sights fully digitalizes industrial best practice method for shutdowns, turnaronds or STO events.

It is a comprehensive tool to manage the wear, shutdown strategy, planning and execution. It helps you to archive all the time increasing availability needs by trimming your total time required for shutdowns.

What can you do with Sights system?

Sights System lets you handle all aspects of shutdown management. Everything from forming an effective shutdown strategy to applying elements continuous improvement in your shutdowns is possible by using Sights System. Sights System provides easy tools to plan, execute and report your shutdowns.


Ensure that your shutdown strategy is driven by the real needs instead of gut feeling


Ensure that shutdown planning is done and all of the parts, tools, contractors etc are secured for the shutdown


Real time situation awareness from shutdown eases to focus to tasks that may cause shutdown to overrun


Easily identify events for continuos improvement based on read events, not for events that are talked the most

How Sights system works ?

It helps you to identify real drivers for the shutdown. Based on the identified shutdown drivers, you can optimize your shutdown strategy.

Shutdown planning is templated so if the work has been done previously, creating work packages is easy and no time is waisted. Clear metrics visualizes the true status of the planning, no suprises. Shutdown scheduling can be done either on MsProject, Primavera or you can use inbuild tools for the scheduling to optimize resouce usage and the time consumed.

Sights connects to your EPR or CMMS providing single source of truth for materials and puchases. No unpleasent suprises starting the shutdown without of required resouces.

How Sights system helps you ?

Maintenance planners

Templated work planning speeds up and eases creating the work packages.


Easy progress reporting from the works via mobile application. Real time situation awarness from LOTO- and other events happening during the shutdown. Push notifications from works to be started helps to keep the deadlines. Helps you to ensure that all of the required LOTO tasks has been conducted.


Single source of truth from planning status on your area. Real time situation awarness helps to intervene early enoght to keep the shutdown on tracks. Audit trail from all of the events happening on the field helps to focus on real events instead of the events causing the most noise.

Maintenance managers

Helps you to keep your production budget. Sights has sophisticated algoritms to optimze the wear elements, less material loss or no prematurly leaking chutes. This helps you to minimize $/t cost.


Safety, production, costs. Three topics talked the most. With Sights, you can ensure that all of those areas are covered. Provenly.