Shutdown Partners is a boutique maintenance consulting company focusing on shutdown-, and maintenance management. We offer two main business lines; shutdown- and maintenance consulting and leasing a digital platform for managing shutdowns, called Sights. Shutdown partners was founded in 2021, but the key people have a long and proven track record of managing maintenance and shutdowns successfully in harsh mining environments.

Our Story

Task 5, 100 %, task 6 80 %, task 7 90 %. Progress was reported by responsible supervisors at the shutdown progress meeting, line by line, with good round numbers. After the progress meeting, I went to the concentrator to see the status of the shutdown. Previously tasks reported almost finished were barely started. There must be a better way, I thought.

That’s how all started in 2015, not the coding, but the idea was planted. Later on, the idea from progress reporting only grew with well tested methods to shutdown strategy, identifying shutdown drivers, preparing a shutdown, reporting the previous shutdown and identifying areas or tasks for continuous improvement. Sights was born.

Finally in 2021, a functional description was written and programming started. After endless amounts of coffee, clarifying the idea, testing the software, Sights is ready to help managers, superintendents, supervisors and even GM’s to manage shutdowns better.

Our Team

Timo Ikäheimonen



Konsta Kalliokoski