Manage your shutdowns. Don’t let the shutdowns run you.

Our system can help every mine reach their production goals by reducing the duration of downtime by approximately 10-15% every quarter.

Our system makes it easy to access the production targets of any mine

  • Reduce downtime by 10–15%
  • Minimize material waste between shutdowns by optimizing the production line to wear at the same time
  • Maximize safety

Our system enables our clients to significantly increase the annual operating time by shortening the duration of downtime with better planning, monitoring and scheduling.


Maximize production time


Shorten the duration of your shutdowns


Reduce the number of stops between shutdowns


Minimize costs per produced ton


Improve security

Shutdown Partners is a boutique software/consulting company helping clients to manage shutdowns and maintenance to archieve operational excellence. Our staff has a minimum of 20 years in industry at various levels, but mainly at management level.

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We provide services that help you manage your shutdowns better.

Sights for Mining

Sigths for mining is a software solution for managing and planning shutdowns. Click here to learn more.


We offer consulting that helps you manage your mining operations. Click here to learn more.

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